Collagen Loading – the Vitamin C Science Behind it. By Tawa Labs

July 2, 2021 LNE Editor

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Vita C Baobab for Collagen loading may be your personal recipe for fixing Collagen related deficiencies.



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The idea of loading appears in different forms of therapies. Take Mike Davis who had a sleep problem. Night after night he battled with every trick that was suggested on Dr Google. The harder he tried the more sleep resisted.  He then discovered a sleep clinic doctor who suggested resetting his personal circadian rhythm. Testing research from a famous study, he was placed in a dark room for a week with no light to guide his knowledge of night or day.  In short, he was darkness loaded. Within the week he began to sleep naturally for eight hours and always fell asleep at the same time (of which he was unaware), but the recurring magic hour of sleep was recorded by the clinical team. After that, all he had to do was put the lights out at the discovered Mike Davis time, every night.  The doctors used science for his reset button.
Press your reset button

What has this got to do with Collagen? There is a parallel.  Mike had chronic insomnia.  Collagen deficits are more common than sleep deficits, and research suggests it may be a global problem in Westernised countries that love processed food diets.  Most people in their early to mid twenties start to silently lose 1% of their Collagen a year. Today with vegetables grown in poor soil, unlike centuries ago, scientists and doctors say that we are without doubt Collagen insufficient or deficient.

Collagen and Vitamin C loading, equals three equally spaced, 10g servings per day

Remember that Collagen is the scaffolding of your entire body – the glue that holds you together.  Ignoring deficiencies in Collagen could have serious consequences.  Think about it. More than 90% of major connective tissue: hair, skin, nails, gut lining, ligaments, tendons, your vascular system, and spinal intervertebral discs has a common ingredient – Collagen. No guessing how important it is to your health. You have more Collagen in your bones than calcium. To this add its contribution to your posture, lungs, liver, gut and brain health, speedy wound healing, flexibility, and mobility.

Dietary Collagen is part of ancient Chinese wisdom

Ancient Chinese medicine is known for its wisdom, and Collagen loaded food was a conscious choice.  To Chinese women, Collagen is the fountain of youth. Why? Because they have always recognised the value of food choices to bring about youthful changes to skin, movement, and bones. For centuries, they have eaten shark fins and pig’s feet.

Today our focus is on the booster effect of Collagen loading. Here is the discovery.  Listen carefully.   The correct way to ingest Collagen, particularly if you are ‘loading’, is ‘with Vitamin C and NOT without it’ according to Dr Willem Serfontein.  Vitamin C is essential for the biosynthesis of Collagen and elastin. Elastin is a key protein of connective tissue that allows muscles to stretch and return to their original shape. Imagine pulling your face and your face refusing to return to normal. Your artery walls need Vitamin C as a structural protein, or they will thin out, Serfontein adds. And you need it, he says, in relatively large quantities.  Load up for a kick start. Deficiencies in this vitamin is widespread. That means you have less than an optimal supply to synthesise Collagen.   Collagen and Vitamin C are in a marriage for life. No second guess why your bones, height, skin, nails, and hair are whittling away.

Tawa Labs is your go-to, all-purpose, Collagen supply.  We give you a complete solution to Vitamin C and Collagen deficiencies in nutrient dense VitaC Baobab Collagen Combo. Start your booster shot – Collagen loading – with no regrets.

You are in good company. Collagen loading is gaining traction globally for cyclists, runners, personal trainers, coaches, triathletes, and gym enthusiasts. It is already supported by new age doctors who specialise in personalised medicine.  You can’t ignore the Collagen/Vitamin C, combo’s promise for enhancing muscle and body tone, performance, and longevity.

Collagen and Vitamin C loading, as with the Vita C Baobab Combo makes it easy for you.

By the way, does the word ‘loading’ worry you? It may trigger negative media messages about a similar word, that of ‘carbo-loading,’ believed to enhance performance. Please do not confuse the two. One third of athletes, writes famous cardiologist and author of Wheat Belly, Dr William Davis  – are overweight, and unhealthy because of it. An inflammation causing carbo fest before a marathon – is considered by him to be both dangerous and foolish.  His opinion is shared by famous medical specialists, Prof Gary Fettke  and Prof Tim Noakes as they explode carbo-loading myths again and again. Sugar is what you should be watching.

Collagen, unlike sugar loaded foodstuffs, has anti-inflammatory, pain reducing, wound healing properties. Amino acids within collagen help to detox the liver. It proves lifesaving for skin health, mobility, preserving the structure of the human body and promoting longevity. Collagen loading means taking 10g servings of Vita C Baobab Collagen Combo, three equally spaced times a day.
You can eliminate your Collagen deficiency and possible inflammation, as seen in arthritis, pain, and poor wound healing.

Jumpstart your health resolutions with our perfect combo: Renew & Restore Collagen with Vita Vita C Baobab, and if your’e looking to target and tone – Muscle Active Collagen with Vita C Baobab .    As doctors say –  if you are over 25, deficiencies are common.  25 may not be old in your eyes but your body has its own rules about the aging process.

Our offer is an authentic Vitamin C/Collagen loaded product, to let your body know you mean business. Place your body into high gear. Press the reset button.
In one study of 53 elderly men with sarcopenia, (a loss of muscle caused by aging) was conducted. The result? Adding just 15 grams of Collagen to their food daily, in addition to lifting weights three times per week for 3 months, produced significantly more muscle and loss of fat than those who only lifted weights.’ Andrea Wong, senior vice President for the Council for Responsible Nutrition notes the ’safety of collagen and excellent track record of supplementation.’  Dr Mark Moyad of the Michigan Medical Centre specialises in the study of supplements and viable, alternative clinical modalities. He voices the standard that TAWA LABS has unequivocally always embraced: ‘Look for a trusted brand…and check out the company’s website for contaminants in their products:

Tawa Labs VitaC Baobab Combo partners with your reset button for life.  Shop now
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