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A man of Science, Doctor of Pharmacy, with an intuitive pioneering spirit, André Bouclet, whose mentors – René Quinton, René Bagot and Dr La Bonnardiere guide the research work – was firmly convinced of the therapeutic powers of the marine world.

In 1964 he created THALGO, the first Marine Cosmetology Laboratory.

Fascinated by the ingenuity of microorganisms of algae to withstand extreme conditions of life underwater, he discovered a unique and revolutionary method to reveal the vital force of the Oceans and extract key molecules with curative properties.

Implemented and patented in 1966 by André Bouclet, the micronisation of algae technique used by THALGO is the only micronisation technique ensuring perfect integrity of the active principles as well as their high cutaneous bioavailability. Thanks to this innovation, the same year he filed a medical patent on a composition of three Micronised Algae whose active molecules reveal, synergistically, remarkable therapeutic and cosmetic powers.

From that point on, THALGO Laboratory became the essential partner of Thalassotherapy Centres, delivering a new kind of treatment based on algae and marine extracts with therapeutic and cosmetic virtues recognised by the medical world.

Creator, some 50 years ago, of Marine Cosmetics, THALGO, guided by a faultless pioneering spirit, offers beauty the incredible diversity of marine life and is naturally established in this segment, as the leading brand in France and worldwide.


THALGO invents the Beauty of Tomorrow

“THALGO, pioneer in Marine Cosmetology, invests in advanced Fundamental Research that is able to explore the most remote ocean depths to discover, among marine species, the active molecules of tomorrow with extraordinary cosmetic powers, of which the effectiveness defies the boundaries of aesthetic medicine.

More than ever convinced by Active Marine Cosmetology, my vision of the beauty of tomorrow revolves around 3 main areas of exploration:

Pushing the limits of Marine Intelligence by developing ever more effective formulas backed up by major scientific innovations. Revolutionary marine active ingredients with unrivalled biological functions and high-tech textures guiding the active ingredients to the heart of the target cells, cosmetics with customisable concentrations that ensure revolutionary results.
Innovating by Professional Excellence in providing the signature treatments of a strong brand: cutting-edge massage techniques, exclusive instrumental cosmetics and professional formulas highly concentrated in marine active ingredients as the key to unmatched performance.

Committing more than ever to naturalness with the promise of products fully respecting the skin as well as the environment, a guarantee of Safe and Responsible Beauty.

All the many areas of Research and Innovation that will shape our Pioneer and Futurist Active Marine Cosmetics of tomorrow.”

Bernard Sirop
Managing Director

Product and logo

Prodige Des Oceans Essence

The ultimate expression of 50 years of innovative Thalgo research, Prodige Des Oceans Essence provides the unique power of Regenerative Marine Intelligence in just one drop to regain perfect skin.

This regenerating essence with an exclusive Thalgo patent concentrates the best of the 5 Oceans to infuse the skin with 61 100% marine biomimetic nutrients, essential to the skin’s ability to regenerate itself and to the perfect expression of its beauty: • Clear, refined complexion • Perfectly even skin tone •Fresh, toned and younger-looking skin •Exceptional radiance

This regenerating essence concentrates 15 minerals and trace elements, 7 vitamins, 21 amino acids, 14 fatty acids, 3 carbohydrates and polyphenols essential to the regeneration needed for perfect skin.

Miraculous results:  Prodige des Oceans Essence has won over 120 women with tired, stressed and devitalised skin lacking uniformity, evenness, vitality and radiance. In 28 days of twice-daily use, skin quality is significantly and visibly improved. Complexion: up to 67% smoother texture* – refined skin texture for 8/10 women* Skin tone: 67% more even* – more uniform for 8/10 women** Vitality: 100% improved vitality* – 7/10 women agree their skin was more toned and less marked by fatigue** Radiance: clearer and more luminous complexion for 7/10 women**

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