Brookdale Health Hydro releases Heavenly & Healthy Flavours.

November 25, 2015 nadine

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After four print runs of Heavenly & Healthy Foods and endless requests, Brookdale has brought together the same team and have created a stunning sequel… Heavenly & Healthy Flavours.

When it comes to food, change is inevitable. Seasons change, new food trends come into focus and fresh recipe ideas are discovered and shared. This book is a celebration of new flavours, offering renewed inspiration, yet embraces the deep-rooted principles which Brookdale has always stood for – whole, unprocessed, home-made foods that are nutritious and delicious.

The new collection of over 100 recipes include:
Sugar free; grain free; dairy free; meat free; low fat; healthy fat; animal protein; and vegan options there will certainly be something for everyone.

To order your copy, visit

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