Maybelline BABY LIPS Balm & Blush

February 4, 2016 Fleur DeForce

Maybelline have just dropped the big sister product to their best-selling Baby Lips lip balms. The new multi-use balms come in a dome shape similar to the cult EOS lip balm, with a convenient flat-top, twistable lid.

There are four different shades, all with different scents and they are designed to be used both on the lips as a sheer colour balm and on the cheeks as a wash of dewy colour...

The formula is lovely and feels beautifully smooth on the lips and not sticky whatsoever, however as a blush I'm slightly sceptical as it feels a little too greasy for using on the cheeks without the fear of it melting off your face entirely or just leaving a general sticky feeling on the skin. I think the one exception to this would be in the summer time as a 5-second makeup update post-beach or pool. Except for those rare occasions I would only really use these as lip balms.
That being said, they make for really nice lip balms, which I personally prefer to the original baby lips (something about them seems a little creamier, and the packaging is nicer). The colour pay off is very sheer, but does add a subtle hint of colour to the lips. All of the shades are very nice and wearable (as they are so sheer, you definitely don't need them all though!) My personal favourite is the bright pink '
L-R: Booming Ruby, Shimmering Bronze,  Innocent Peach, Flirty Pink
If you're a fan of the original baby lips collection, these are a must-have!

These have just launched into Boots for £4.99 each. What do you think?

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