Kate Moss for Rimmel: Rose Gold Lipsticks

July 19, 2016 Fleur DeForce

Kate Moss has launched yet another collection with Rimmel this month, and it’s possibly the best yet. To celebrate 15 years of Kate being the face of the brand, they’ve released six new colours of the Kate lipsticks in stunning rose gold packaging and Kate’s signature on the lid.

Being a big rose gold fan, these naturally caught my eye based on the packaging alone, but the colours themselves are all absolutely gorgeous too. There are three nudes and three brights in the collection and to be honest, it’s quite hard to choose favourites. All of the nudes are lovely. There’s a more pink toned one (Rock N’ Roll Nude) a brown toned one (Boho Nude) and a Beige-y one (My Nude), then a true red (Muse Red) an orange red (Idol Red - the only shade I wouldn’t wear as orange doesn’t suit me) and a beautiful plum-red called Retro Red.

The formulas are the classic lasting finish, so a lovely natural satin finish, comfortable texture, high pigmentation and fruity scent. I’ve been a fan of these lipsticks for years, but they just keep getting better!

This collection is available now for £6.49 each (here) - a bargain in my book!
My Nude
Boho Nude
Rock N Roll Nude
Retro Red
Idol Red
Muse Red

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