The Face Wash Series Part 3: Cleansing Wipes

May 30, 2015

In part three of our face-cleansing series, we’re focusing on wipes and cloths. Diane Nakauchi, CEO of skin care line, Koh Gen Do, answers all of our queries about using wipes as part of our daily regimen. Below, Ms. Nakauchi gives us wisdom about using wipes, including her own line of organic Cleansing Water Cloths.  

Q: What makes using cleansing wipes a good option for cleansing the face?

They remove makeup easily without causing irritation or leaving an oily residue that makes re-application of makeup very difficult to do. It is also a ‘Rescue Remedy’ for those nights where you just can’t take the makeup off, but you know leaving it on will enlarge pores, cause blemishes. Over time, eye makeup pigments, if deep in shade, may darken the thin delicate skin around your eyes if left on, so it’s important to take it off.  

Q: What’s the best way to go about cleansing with wipes? Should we start at a certain part of the face? Should we use more than one at a time? Should we rub or dab?

You will not be rubbing with the wipe—starting in the area with the most pigments to remove, the wipe is applied to the skin and held for a few seconds so that the skin can be saturated properly. Then, gently make one sweep and repeat again if necessary. One wipe is generally enough to clean the entire face because you can use both sides.

Q: Koh Gen Do makes an organic alternative. What makes your Cleansing Water Cloths special?

The Cleansing Water Cloths are made with organic fabric (certified organic in Japan) and were originally created to remove makeup in professional settings—between runways, filming and print. They are also pH balanced with moisturizing skin care ingredients like the xylitol and minerals from the white birch sap harvested once a year that help keep the skin soft and moist. This is a wonderful option as it requires no rinsing and doesn’t leave any tautness of the skin usually experienced with wipes that are non-oily.

Q: Is it necessary to be concerned about using wipes or cloths on tender areas like under the eyes? Is there a technique for cleaning this sensitive area?

The only time we have found cloths irritating to the eyes is when too much product is being applied, which dissolves the eye makeup and runs that makeup into the eyes. Our cloths are also used on clients with eyelash extensions as it is oil-free and non-irritating to the eyes. The technique for wiping is to place the cloth over the area to saturate the skin and then gently wipe.

Q: Are wipes alone fine for a complete cleansing? Or do we need to follow up with a foaming cleanser for a thorough cleanse?

Should you use this as your ‘only’ daily facial skincare cleanser? Absolutely not. Skin requires more than just removal of makeup and daily grime with a makeup remover in its consistent daily care. Often the cloths are used to remove the darker color makeup and then we suggest our skin care ritual that consists of the Double Cleansing method—a deep, pore cleansing with a cleansing cream that is followed with a facial wash which can be a foaming cleanser. It is very necessary to massage in the cleansing cream as it will soften deep into the surface layer of the skin, allowing the products that follow to be absorbed properly. This method resolves many combination skin issues as the dry patches are softened and can be treated.

Q: It seems wipes are also good for day time reapplication, too, right?  

Our Cleansing Cloths and Cleansing Water are great to have in your bag throughout the day as it allows for cleaning the eye makeup that has smudged under the eyes. It makes it easy to re-apply makeup right back on for another refreshed look for the evening.

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